National Apple Pie

The phrase “easy as pie” is total crap if you ask me. Don’t get me wrong. I love pie. I love making it, I love eating it. I have a great apple pie recipe that I like to make in the fall. But making a pie isn’t “easy,” especially for beginning bakers. (Okay, Wikipedia just informed me that the phrase is supposed to refer to eating pie, not making it. WHATEVER, JUST GO WITH IT.)

But the idiots over at the National Food Holiday division have named tomorrow, May 13, National Apple Pie Day. Who in their right mind wants to bake an apple pie in the spring? An apple pie doesn’t scream “SUMMER!” No, I’ll reserve my crust-making for greater spring and summer fruits: cherries, blackberries, peaches. But I’m not going to leave National Apple Pie Day hanging entirely. Apples need some year-round lovin’. To keep the doctor away and all that.

You can put this tart together in about 10 minutes if you’re fast with your knife/mandoline skills. And there are only five ingredients. Because, friends, we aren’t making our own puff pastry crust in May. Or ever, maybe. That’s one of those things I keep telling myself I’m going to learn to do before the baby comes, but with less than three months to go and a hot summer ahead, that goal is now seeming kind of laughable.  

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delicious toasted

For anyone who hasn't heard of it before , malt loaf is a British tea-time fruit cake cum bread that is characteristically dense, sweet, squidgy and chewy and is usually eaten cut into slices and spread with lashings of butter but is equally delicious toasted, fried in butter or served with cheese .
As a child I used to love malt loaf and would eat quite a lot of it because my dad worked in a bakery and would regularly bring dark, brick-like lumps of the stuff home with him. As I remember, when he did it would disappear very quickly!
Like many of our classic fruit cakes, malt loaf doesn't seem to be as popular as it once was - I think Soreen are the only UK brand that still produce it on a commercial basis - but it's delicious to have with a cup of tea and so easy to make at home that it's worth giving it a go open a company in hong kong.

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spicy Italian

You’d think that winter was the season of soups, but I barely recall making any soups during the California “cold” this past year. Instead, in the sunny, beautiful weather of these past few weeks, a deep soup craving has presented itself to me, and I’ve been more than glad to satisfy it eye cream.

The famous Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana is something that almost every woman I know has swooned over at one point or another in her life. This is the soup that introduced a whole group of us to kale for the first time, and what a delicious introduction that was. While I was living with roommates, one of us girls would make a homemade version of this soup at least once every few months.

My own version of this sausage, potato, and kale soup is on the lighter side, so if you’re looking for something a little richer, feel free to add more sumptuous ingredients. Chicken broth adds flavor and thins out the broth, but whole milk still provides creaminess without heaviness, and the potatoes tend to thicken the soup up a bit more. If you’re feeling adventurous, feel free to substitute some of the chicken broth or milk with heavy cream. Also, I like to use chicken sausage (spicy Italian, please!), but pork sausage would make this dish a little richer bookcases.

And finally, if you’re looking for an over-the-top version of this soup that is bound to guarantee a crowd of sleepy dinner guests, you can take a tip from one of my roommates, who would fry up some diced bacon along with the sausage and toss it in the soup otterbox reflex.


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Coca-cola and chicken

It has that perfectly tastebud-mesmerizing combination of flavors that, once we start eating it, we can’t seem to get enough of; with that toasty and nutty warmth of sesame oil, the mild heat of freshly cracked black pepper, the slightly lemony and spicy kick from fresh ginger, the warm pungency from garlic, the sweetness of brown sugar, or my favorite, Coca-Cola, and the “umami-ness” (is that a word?) of dark soy sauce .
And all of those bold and aromatic flavors work so perfectly well together with meat when it comes to the marination of it, or when combined into a finishing glaze, especially for tasty finger-food types of meat like little chicken drumettes—the larger, more succulent part of the chicken wing.
Put Korean flavors together with those tender victuals, and you’ve got some stellar snacking, or the best , you’ve ever had, my friend.
Chicken wings are the type of finger-licking snack or appetizer that when you see them on a menu at a restaurant or local pizza chain, you get that hankering to order them. Heck, my hubs gets them as an accompaniment almost every time we place an order for pizza for our occasional pizza night .
But really, they’re not a menu item that is difficult to prepare, and to prepare deliciously well, to boot. The key is adding as much great flavor to them as possible, giving them a quick fry, and then tossing them in a glossy sauce that’ll leave your mouth shiny and your fingers messy. Anything less than a mess just wouldn’t be quite as fun, right?
So this week I thought I’d take the opportunity to “wing it” a little with a bone-sucking and sweet-sticky and spicy recipe for chicken wings to give us something umami-ful (let’s make that a word!) to get our fingers and possibly even our chinny-chin-chins good and messy over.
Korean tastiness, Coca-cola and chicken? Wings have never had it so sweet iphone screen protector.

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If you are eating low GI

I wish I could start this post with a pretty picture of spring flowers and a short story about how much we are enjoying spring weather Dentist Hong Kong.
I mean, yes, it feels like spring when the sun manages to peek through the clouds and it’s light outside up until 8 pm. But we still haven’t put away our winter clothing and the most of us haven’t been brave enough to change winter tiers
To make it a little bit more spring-like here on the blog, I decided to share with you this Potato Salad with Avocado recipe. The pictures turned out so light and fresh with so many shades of green and I thought they are a perfect reminder that the warm days are near.
If you are eating low GI, you are probably careful about potatoes. It’s true that baked and mashed potatoes are very high GI. Small baby potatoes, on the other hand, are medium GI and can be enjoyed as a side dish or in a salad .

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peanut butter cookies with jam

It’s funny because whenever I come to New York, people always tell me about far-flung places that I, now a slightly bewildered tourist in this city, have barely heard of. (Although I seem to be pretty good at finding every TJ Maxx and Bed, Bath, and Beyond GEM.)

When people say, “You must go to Williamsburg!” – I look at them funny, wondering why they are suggesting I head to a colonial in Virginia for dinner where folks are dressed in traditional garb. Red Hook was a place where many people only went one-way, in the boot of a Town Car. And bad things happened to people on streets in Manhattan whose name contained a letter…at least according to my mother iTable.

I’ve gotten with the lingo a bit so I don’t look like a hick when people tell me about all these places, but no one ever talks about Staten Island congratulations flowers.

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the app

We included over three hundred bakeries, many in the central part of Paris and in the single-digit arrondissements, where there are a high concentration of pastry shops wine searcher. Although we live in the outer fringes of those areas, we focused on places that people are likely to be visiting when in Paris.
That said, there are quite a few places located in the various neighborhoods reenex facial
, so I’ve included places that I think are worth a special visit throughout Paris, such as a tucked-away confectioner near the Place Gambetta and a terrific ice cream shop behind a bus station in the 17th, where you’d least expect it. And don’t forget about those delicious cream-filled coffee meringues in the 15th interactive whiteboard.


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Avocado Coconut Ice Cream

When I was younger Acacia rain, we used to go to a restaurant in Los Angeles, the long-gone Scandia. It was one of those places where they would wheel up the salad cart Time is like water, and toss a big bowl of salad right at your table. Since some members of my family went there a lot, they made a special salad for us, which had lots of finely chopped vegetables in it, as well as little cubes of avocado hushener.

It was always fun for a kid from the sticks of New England to sit in that restaurant, installed in a high-backed booth, watching the celebrities and the hoi-polloi mingle and eat nearby Aromatic feeling. But as much as I loved the salad, and straining my neck every time someone walked in the door, I couldn’t stand those slippery little green bits in there and would eat around them as politely as I could. Needless to say, nowadays, I can put all those avocados that I missed out on years later, on the same list with all those New England lobster platters that featured twin lobsters for $8.99 that I didn’t order when I was growing up Thewindshadow.  

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